Follow veteran offshore commercial fishing captain TK Walker and his fishing through out the Coral Sea and South Pacific.

Introducing Tony ‘TK’ Walker, a 35 year commercial fishing veteran from New Zealand. Originally from the town Whangamata, the talented fisherman was born and bred into fishing with both his grandfather and father being commercial fisherman. But believe it or not, TK was a carpenter beforehand.  It wasn’t until his father invested money into a fishing boat that his life took a turn and led him to commercial fishing where he now targets monster fish. We’re talking about Albacore, Bigeye, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin, Puka, Bluenose and Moon Fish! For the past 35 years TK has spent 200 to 300 days of the year out at sea averaging around 24 trips. You’ll find him there in rain, hail or shine!

His time at sea is spent fishing the waters between Australia and New Zealand. Having owned 14 large boats over the years, TK now skippers for Walker Seafoods in Mooloolaba, Queensland. TK has built quite the social following and is known in the fishing world for giving seminars on the topic of game fishing. However, his popularity came about by accident. After initially creating his Facebook page to keep his family current with his fishing adventures, one post of him catching a large 62 Kg kingfish went viral and skyrocketed his following. This catch at Wanganella Banks put him on world records in terms of recreational fishing. 

TK now seeks to retire from the commercial fishing side of his passion and is looking into charter fishing. After over 30 years in the industry TK has seen many changes and believes the only growing market on the ocean is tourism. He wants to pass on his experience and knowledge onto the next generation just as other commercial fishermen have done. If you’re interested in following TK’s journey across the Coral Sea and South Pacific give him a follow at TK Offshore Fishing.